Hook Mountain (North)

Hook Mountain (North), Hook Mountain State Park (4/17/2011)

This is the Hike of the Week for 3/10/2006 (which was repeated this past week on 4/14/2011 in the Bergen Record) as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference site. The last time we hiked Hook Mountain was way back in June of 2006. At that time we parked at Rockland Lake and took the Long Path south to create a loop of the southern section of the mountain. Today we headed north on the LP to complete a loop on the northern section of the mountain.

The LP section of this hike (the entire first half) has a lot of ups and downs, and some are quite "up". In fact, I would say that this is the Palisades hike with the most climbing along the ridge (not even counting the climbing to and from the river, which all of the Palisades loops have). And the climbing begins right from the car. It's also one of the more remote Palisades hikes, with nearly the entire hike quite far from all major roads (the Palisades Interstate Parkway doesn't come anywhere near this hike). This would explain why we were fortunate enough to see not one, not two, but three coyotes on the LP. Alas, coyotes are very stealthy and quick, so I wasn't able to capture any photos.

I recommend it highly, but be prepared for a lot of climbing, something the description downplays a bit. Total distance hiked today was 6.4 miles in just over 4 hours.

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Quail near the trail head

Cemetery on the LP

Gravestones like jigsaw puzzles

Me [photo by Laura]

First Hudson vista

View of Hudson looking south


View of southern part of Hook

View of path directly below


Boat and buoy in Hudson

View north

Speed boat

Storm clouds

Croton Point Park

Another vista

Croton Point Park in Hudson


Boundary walls

One of many climbs

View west

Winding LP

Seasonal view west

Sun pops out


One of at least a dozen posts

Northern tip of Croton Point

More climbing

Treason trail head

Power lines: old and new

View down powerline cut

Barge in Hudson

Indian Point in distance

Heart-shaped rock

Very steep descent

Railroad tunnel into the mountain

Millions of quarry tailings

Ruins at bottom of Treason trail

Abandoned park building

View of bike parth north

Inside park building

Spring buds at ruins

Laura and the Palisades cliffs

Sumac and tiny lighthouse

Spring blooms

Ruins on bike path

Quarry ruins

[photo by Laura]

Heading south

Abandoned building

Corrugated flag

Laura inside

Blooms over Hudson



Our lunch spot

View NE

Another abandonded cabin

Buoy in Hudson

Downy woodpecker

Interesting structure in water



Vines on protective fence



Quarry tailings

Young eagle

Another abanonded building

Fireplace inside


Looking south

The cliffs

The sign is right

Ruins off the park road

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