Huber Woods

Huber Woods (9/25/2010)

This is the hike of the week for 5/22/2003 as described on the NYNJTC site, but with the addition of the 0.5-mile Nature Loop. The Nature Loop wasn't planned. We ended up taking it because apparently changes were made to the kiosk location and trailheads since 2003 when the hike description was written. If one follows the description, and takes the left path across the meadow from the kiosk, and then takes the right path upon entering the woods, one ends up on the Nature Loop (this can be seen on the map here, where light green is the meadow, dark green the woods). To get to the beginning of the hike described, one must walk to the right across the meadow from the kiosk (as shown on the map), to the far NE corner of the meadow where the trailhead for this hike is located.

This was our first visit to Huber Woods. Although there are no vistas, no ponds, no rivers, it's an enchanting little area very near Hartshorne Woods, with sandy trails and far fewer hikers and bicyclists normally encountered at Hartshorne.

Total distance hiked today was 4.3 miles in less than 2.5 hours.

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Visitor's Center through trees

The Huber house ...

... is now the visitor's center

1955 stove/furnace inside Men's Room

Reptile House

At the kiosk [photo by Laura]

In the meadow


Horses yield to no one

On the Nature Loop

Old growth

Mountain Laurel thicket


Fox Hollow trail

More Mountain Laurel

The sandy ...

... Valley View trail

Curious stone marker

Trail mushrooms

At an intersection

Farm through trees

Beach sand on Valley View

Colorful mushroom

Crossing Brown's Dock Road

Woods road near meadow

On Many Log Run trail

Lots of erosion here

More beach sand

Interesting tangle of trees

Quail feather

Old growth

On Meadow Ramble trail

Bee at work


Old post and barbed wire

We're close to the ocean!

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