Huckleberry Point

Huckleberry Point, the Catskills (10/22/2007)
This is hike #27 ("Huckleberry Point") from the book Catskill Day Hikes For All Seasons (November 2002), followed by a visit to Devil's Kitchen.
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Steady ascent up the Long Path

Peak foliage

It's also a snowmobile trail

Best foliage on this trail

Tributary of Platteville Creek

Creek crossing


Foliage on Huckleberry Point trail

Tree hugging (photo by Laura)


Approach to Huckleberry Point

At Huckleberry Point

Dan at Huckleberry Point (photo by Laura)

Indian Head and Twin Mountains

Plattekill Mountain

Fire tower and radio aerial on Overlook Mountain

View towards the Hudson River

Platte Clove 1000 feet below


Indian Head and Twin Mountains



Superb colors

Chimpunk bathed in yellow


Remains of old homesteads

Open hips!

Falls at Devils Kitchen

Straight drop

Stone bridge at Devil's Kitchen


Gorilla in the mist (photo by Laura)

Gorge of Devil's Kitchen


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