India Brook Natural Area
We hiked part of the northern section of this natural area less than three weeks ago. Today we returned to hike in the southern section following the figure-8 highlighted in blue here. This included a pretty tricky crossing of India Brook (labeled "Stepping Stones" on the maps), which we had to repeat some time later on the return (but at that point we knew what rocks were the best). Much of the snow was melted and the remaining snow was nearly frozen solid, allowing pretty easy walking in just hiking boots.

Total hiked today was 3.4 miles in about 2.5 hours.

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Trail head on Mountainside Avenue

White trail parallels India Brook

Sign for Bockoven Sawmill

Above the brook

Tangled trees

[Photo by Laura]

Abandoned bridge abutment


Explanatory sign

Bridge was abandoned in 1910


Shovel and gear wheel across brook

View downstream

White trail

Now at stream level





Old growth

Young growth

Assessing where to cross

Go for it!

OK, now what?

Almost there

Climbing on Red trail

Wood Duck Pond

Blooming trees (and jet)

At the pond

Bridhouse and bridge

Eastern end of pond

Cat tail

View of pond looking west


Woodchip trail looking east

Heading west

Birdhouses abound


Woodchip trail north

Two birds

Sign at Frog Pond

Frozen Frog Pond

India Brook looking south

Furnace is visible on right

Above the waterfall

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls

[Photo by Laura]

Buttermilk Falls

House on hill

Snack break!

Crossing the brook again


Easier this time

On the Yellow trail

Old hook

Fresh snap

[Photo by Laura]

Look at that tangle

Heading downstream

Private residence east

Private residence west

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