Kakeout Reservoir

Kakeout Reservoir (11/1/2009)

This hike, suggested to me by my friend Tom, circles the picturesque Kakeout Reservoir in Butler in a clockwise direction as described here on the LocalHikes website. The blazes are quite confusing after crossing over the creek on the long wooden bridge within the first 20 minutes of the hike (pictured in the third row of photos). Blue blazes lead to the top of a rather large hill (which we climbed). At the top the blue blazes continued. The blue blazes led us up Kakeout Mountain before we realized that we should have been skirting the banks of the reservoir. Back down we went (and a very slippery and steep descent it was), where we finally found the "correct" blue blazes heading along the shore! So the rule is, after the bridge, look for blue blazes to your right. Don't follow the blue blazes directly in front of you. Clear as mud, right? :)

On the eastern side of the reservoir, we also couldn't find the woods roaded which forks off to the right from the white trail. No worries, however, since the white trail leads all the way back to Fayson Lake Road. Total distance hiked was 4 miles in about 2.5 hours.

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At the trail head on Fayson Lake Road

Kakeout Reservoir, looking east

Leaves are mostly off the trees

Some color remains


Boardwalk over wet stretch

Load wooden bridge over creek

Waterfall upstream [Photo by Laura]

Crossing the creek

Going uphill incorrectly

View south of reservoir

Remaining fall foliage


[Photo by Laura]

Fishing gear



A rocky shore


[Photo by Laura]

View east


View of island

Warning sign


One of many houses nearby


Giant leaf

The dam

Dam facility

View south from dam

Crossing the dam


Huge leaf

On the western side


Cairn building

A bit of color!

Bare trees

Near the second dam

On the second dam


On the second dam

View from our lunch spot

Reservoir mallards

Mansion on the hill

A sofa!



View from southern tip



Southern part from Fayson Lake Road

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