Kakiat & Harriman Parks

Kakiat and Harriman State Park (10/14/2006)

This is Western Hudson Hike #6 ("Kakiat Park to Pine Meadow Lake") from the book Take a Hike: New York City (1st edition).
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Misty Mahwah River

Early autumn colors

Mahwah River

Kakiat Trail

Woods road on Cobus Mountain



Kakiat trail in Harriman

A true tree-hugger

Powerline in distance

Hills of Harriman



Bright red blueberry bushes

Brook crossing

Raccoon Brook Hills trail

Raccoon Brook Hill overlook

View east

Turkey vulture


Connector trail

Pine Meadow Road

Pine Meadow Lake


From Pine Meadow trail


Our lunch spot

Descending from lunch


Ruins of pump house

Pump house

Pipes from pump house


Conklins Crossing trail

Suffern-Bear Mountain trail


View east

Hikers on Cobus Mountain

Back in Kakiat

Fallen leaves

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