Lake Sonoma & Manaticut Point

Lake Sonoma & Manaticut Point, Norvin Green State Forest (5/9/2010)
This is the hike of the week for 5/6/2010 as described on the NYNJTC site. We hiked Lake Sonoma, Overlook Rock and Manaticut Point in the past, but on three separate occasions, and starting from three different points. But a couple of new trails in the park allow all three to be visited in this nice circuit hike. The weather was unseasonably chilly in New Jersey today, with highs in the low 50s. It was a perfect day for hiking.

As described in the hike description, and as can be seen in several of the photos in this collection, this hike traverses very closely to a pond on PRIVATE property. It is the owner's wish to maintain privacy in this area. Therefore, the folks at the NYNJTC who blazed the trail that skirts the pond request that hikers remain on the trail when in this area.

Total distance covered today was 5 miles in about 3.5 hours.

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Trail head on Crescent Drive

It's an old woods road

[Photo by Laura]

Off-trail overlook

Sun is peaking through

Trail side ferns



Lake Sonoma

On southern bank


Useful little tree!

Lake Sonoma from above

View from western bank

Stone island in lake

High water mark?

Lake Sonoma

Cascade that wasn't cascading

Lake Sonoma


Skunk cabbage near bank

Views opening up

Distant skyline

Overlook Rock

Bear Mountain


Resting at Overlook Rock

Lake Sonoma below

Young caterpillar


Bear Mountain

On the Overlook trail

White blaze of Overlook trail

Climbing the Hewitt-Butler trail

View to the south

Mansion in the hills

Heading east on ridge

Overgrown in parts

Private pond off HB trail
See WARNING in introduction

On Northern side
See WARNING in introduction


Our lunch spot
See WARNING in introduction

See WARNING in introduction

Climbing to Manaticut


View south

View from Manaticut Point

Long whaleback

View to quarry

Manaticut Point

[Photo by Laura]

Houses on Cresent Drive

Quarry close-up


Glimpse of Wanaque Reservoir


Woods road back

Ends on Crescent Drive

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