Milford Bluffs

Milford Bluffs, Thomas F. Breden Preserve (8/30/2014)

Today we returned to the Route 78 corridor to hit another Hunterdon County preserve that's been on my list for some time. The Thomas F. Breden Preserve is probably best known for its amazing views over the Delaware River in the area refered to as the Milford Bluffs. And the views are spectacular.

Following the map in this brochure, we parked at the lot at the end of the dirt road off of Milford Warren Glen Road and headed into the woods following a path too convoluated to explain here. Suffice it to say we covered every blazed trail, every unblazed trail (indicated on the map) as well as spurs and trails not indicated on the map. There is plenty of hiking to do here and at least three spurs to spectacular views over the Delaware River, none of which are mentioned on the official map, probably because at least one of them is a bit tricky to get to (the one half-way along the cliff). With a slippery crumbling slate path descending quite steeply to the cliff, we had to be very careful getting to the lookout. I would not advise doing this in the rain!

Total distance hiked was 4 miles in 3 hours. For those interested, here is our track. You can zoom in after clicking on "Open in Google Maps" and then selecting Satellite view in the upper right.

(Click on the thumbnail to bring up a bigger image in a pop-up window)

Inviting trail head

Room for a few cars

Slight climb...

...from the start

The preserve blaze

Gray Catbird

Gorgeous path

Molting sparrow?


3 Cedar Waxwings, 1 Gray Catbird

From forest... farm field

Bee having breakfast

Trail to the first lookout

Old fire ring

First view to the Delaware River

Broken shale on path


View east

1899(?) graffiti

Milford Bridge

PA dock across

View west

Boat under Milford Bridge

Nicely placed fire ring

Stay away from the edge!

Water skiing show-off

Heading to Milford Bridge

Graffiti hunting

Blow-down [photo by Laura]

Indiana Jane

On a trail not on map

Jutting shale

Middle overlook

Slippery surface here

Road and RR directly below

View west from middle lookout

Taking a break

Straight below...

...the Sun Tracker

Sun Tracker heading west

Slippery climbing back up

Fire ring at top

Back to... field

Lunching hornet

Unblazed path on map

Deer exclosure sign

Unblazed path near pond

Third look-out [photo by Laura]

PA dock

View east

[Photo by Laura]

Catcus here too

Various views...

...from west-most...


PA kids fishing

Woman kayaking near Canada Geese

Overgrown unmarked path

Tricky thorny blow-down

Nice woods road

Farm shed (turn-around point)

Interested deer

Woods road heading east

Back to the farm fields

And now...

...another marked trail in forest

Northern Flicker

Immature Red-tailed Hawk?

Back at trail head

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