Morris Canal Greenway [Ledgewood]

Morris Canal Greenway [Ledgewood] (6/4/2011)

We had no intention of going on a hike today, but when I realized that we were going to have lunch at a place very near Canal Park in Ledgewood, New Jersey, and that this park had an inclined plane from the Morris Canal, I decided to take my camera and see if I could find anything interesting. As an aside, we were checking out a vegan restaurant called The Loving Hut, and it was wonderful. Canal Park is a 5-minute ride, on the other side of Route 46, at the end of Canal Street (appropriately named). We parked in the dirt lot and headed NW to the boat basin, where ships awaited their turn to get on either of the two inclined planes (Plane 2-E is north of the basin, Plane 3-E is south). We continued north along the towpath, visiting the powerhouse (which may be getting a restoration, it's not clear). Then we proceeded through a power line cut (with views east of Route 46), and then a bit further north before we decided to turn back. On the way back, we hiked along a higher towpath that paralleled the one we just walked.

Along the towpath there were blazes (large diamonds nailed onto the trees) for trails heading into the 250 acres of forest to the west: one yellow trail and a blue trail closer to the basin. They were very inviting, and we actually walked a bit on the blue before deciding to keep these two for another day.

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Informative sign near ...

... the boat basin

Bank of basin

Hook in basin structure

Dock posts in basin?

Pointing to a fish

The canal towpath


Towpath looking south

Boat basin

Gate to Plane 2-E

Ascending the plane

Plane stones still in place

Drill holes in plane stones

Spike in plane stone


View inside lower level of ...

... the powerhouse

Old kiosk sign

Continuing north on plane

Walls still intact

Abandoned equipment

Powerline cut

View to Route 46

Laura in the cut

Higher towpath looking south

Gorgeous purple irises in cut

Path west into the cut

Towpath looking north

Walking on higher towpath

Beautiful ferns on towpath

Back in the cut, heading south

More wildflowers ...

... in the cut

[Photo by Laura]

Stone foundation of higher towpath

Foundation looking south

Old farm equipment and horse

Building ruins

Yellow trail heading west and up

Very old nail on inclined plane

Wildflowers on plane

Curious damselfly


Reading about the history


Morris Canal tomfoolery

On the blue trail heading west and up

Partial view of basin from blue trail

Blaze for Morris Canal Greenway

Heron and Canada goose

Goose fishing

Heron, goose and duck


Heron on far bank

Pipe at basin

Dock posts?

Basin and old building on left

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