Mendham Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls, Buttermilk Falls Natural Area (2/15/2010)

This Buttermilk Falls is not to be confused with the Buttermilk Falls in the Delaware Water Gap or the Buttermilk Falls in High Mountain Park Preserve. The falls here are much smaller (especially compared to the one at DWG) but probably more beloved since they have been a favorite swimming place for Mendham kids for generations. And one can see why, given the perfect natural pool at the bottom, where India Brook tumbles 25 feet over a ledge. It's perfect for taking a dip, though not today.

We had anticipated combining two 2-mile loops today. This one inside the India Brook Natural Area and this one in the adjacent Buttermilk Falls Natural Area. But, given the deep snow conditions, which made hiking through the woods quite enervating, we decided to cut it short and ended up doing the 2.7 miles marked out in blue here. That's fine with us, given the fact that we'll certainly be returning to this beautiful area (less than 30 minutes from where we live). In fact, Hike lists a whole set of hikes that can be done in these and adjacent areas.

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Trail sign at parking area

At the trail head

Heading south on Yellow

Park offices?

Beginning to descend

Very snowy path


Sign for the falls

Chimney at the falls

Getting closer to the falls

Getting really close!

The falls pool [photo by Laura]

Falls from above

Heading north on Yellow

Laura and India Brook

Small cascades in the brook

Heading north on Yellow

[Photo by Laura]

Bridge over the brook ...

... Lewis Forge bridge

Pipe on White trail

White trail looking north

Looking south

At intersection with "Woodchip Trail"

Abandoned building from ...

... the abanonded Mendham Waterworks

Sign and frozen pond

View east down Blue trail

Raccoon tracks


Blue sky with vapor trail

Birdhouses on Woodchip trail

Fair amount of snow

Piles line the entire Woodchip trail


At the Frog Pond

Habitat Restoration Project

Frog Pond

Sign for the pond

More of loads of tracks

At India Brook from the eastern side

The brook with the chimney in rear

[Photo by Laura]

Heading to the falls again


The falls from the east

The falls from downstream


The swimming pool

On rocks in the brook

Lewis Forge site

Tight rock scramble

Back on Yellow

The snowy field

Tracks back to the parking area


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