West Mountain Way Park

West Mountain Way Park (2/20/2017)

Two weeks ago we hiked the area east of Mountain Way in this rugged park. Today we returned to hike all of the trails on the western side of the road. Once again we parked in the large lot on Mountain Way and headed west following the white-blazed trail. We took that loop across the top of the mountain descending back to where blue continues north. Taking blue for a short stretch, we headed south on the yellow trail all the way to the Old Greystone Lower Reservoir. Here we encountered a relatively new frisbee golf course, with various tees and holes along yellow. After looping the reservoir we finished the yellow loop reaching the blue Mountain trail which we took to the bike path along Mountain Way. We took that back to the car. You can see our track here.

Total distance hiked today was about 3.7 miles in 2 hours.

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