Negri-Nepote Native Grassland Preserve
With very limited time for being outdoors this weekend, we decided to finally visit this small preserve in Franklin Township that's been on my list for a while waiting for exactly this opportunity. It's a beautiful, varied area with some trails along the edge of open fields, some through grasslands and some through woods. It's also known for being a pretty good birding site (the entire preserve is literally packed with birdhouses). Ironically, while we saw a handful of birds today, we mostly saw birds of the mechanical type: today the area was in the flight path of several jumbo jets, shuttles and private planes.

Following this map we first headed NW on blue, visiting the wildlife blind overlooking Hannah Pond, continued on Yellow to the NW corner of the preserve. We continued NE along Yellow, acrossing under powerlines (not on the map) before heading east on Brown through a wooded area and back south and then west to Yellow. Back on Yellow we headed south to the Purple trail, which we took back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 3 miles in 90 minutes.

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Path to the kiosk

View west from rise

Birdhouses abound

Sunny but windy

Private residences inside park

Distant silo

Private property off to left

Information sign


Bird box

Sign at wildlife blind

Blind fence

Mallard in Hannah Pond

Blind from side

Private residence from blind

Purple trail

Inside blind

Hannah Pond

Like a mallard out of Hell

Trail intersection

Bird hotel

Anyone home?

Striking silouhette

British Airways

Mallard in Hannah Pond

Deer jaw

Porter Airlines

Cessna single engine

Entrance road to private house

Hairy woodpecker

Northern mockingbird

Red cedars at NW tip

Tiny stream crossing

Heading NE on Yellow

View east

Compost bags?

Deer antlers

Macro of antler end

Powerline cut view west

ĦAy carumba!

View east

Beautiful sky

Relaxing [photo by Laura]

Private house through pylon

Heading to woods

Bridge and boardwalk


Evergreen woods

Bright lichen

Farm across field

Zoom to farm building

Eastern bluebird

On Brown


Gorgeous ...

... native grass

Bluebird feathers

Grass in powerline cut

Heading west to Hannah Pond

Pylon row

[Photo by Laura]

House across grassy field

Hannah Pond in distance

Nature, technology, agriculture

A bench on field's edge

Make-shift bird feeder

A dormant field

Large parking area

Sign at trailhead

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