Norvin Green Mines

Norvin Green Mines, Norvin Green State Forest (6/20/2009)

This is the Hike of the Week for 6/18/2009 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website. Instead of parking where the description says to park, we parked in a small pull-off on the same side of West Brook Road but one or two tenths of a mile east. And I'm glad we did, because the small section of the Highlands trail from that pull-off to the start of the published hike contained some beautiful ferns and flora on a path that clearly hasn't been hiked much.

The highlights of the hike are two mines within Norvin Green, the Blue Mine and the Roomy Mine. We visited both of these mines on several previous hikes in the past but never approached the Blue Mine from above. This was achieved via what appeared to be a newly-blazed portion of the Highlands trail. The return to our car was from a new extension of the orange-blazed Roomy Mine trail from the top of the Roomy Mine (still shown as a dashed line on the 2009 edition of the NYNJTC Northern NJ map 115). According to the hike description this trail was the work of a Girl Scout who received a Gold Award for her work. It's a very well-laid trail!

Total distance was just over 4 miles in about 2.5 hours.

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Ferns on the Highlands trail

Small creek crossing

Lovely, dense ferns ...

... on a lightly travelled path

The start of the published hike


Private gate on Townsend Road

A grotesque at the gate

Collapsing blind

Rocky ascent

More ferns

And more

Curious doe

She left very lazily

[Photo by Laura]


Partial view east

Hawk feathers little the ground

Huge mushroom

Curious beetle


Wanaque Reservoir

Closer view


Trees on ridge line

Blueberry bushes

Huge glacial erratic


Tailings atop Blue Mine

The flooded Blue Mine


View from south of the Blue Mine

Blue Mine Brook


Concrete base outside Blue Mine

Blue Mine Brook


Roomy Mine

Wanaque Reservoir from Roomy Mine trail

Tailings from Roomy Mine open cut

Steps on Roomy Mine extension

Creek crossing

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