North Kittatinny Valley State Park

Northern, Kittatinny Valley State Park (7/5/2014)

This is the third weekend in a row that we hiked this beautiful state park. And why not? An examination of the map ensures me that I can get another two hikes out of this area as well!

Today, following this map, and with the park very quiet after the bicycle race of last week, we hiked nearly every trail in the northern part of the park: the White, including the spur which crosses the powerline cut, and the many segments of the trail labeled "Bw" on the map. This trail contains white blazes on a black background.

Total distance hiked today was 4 miles in just under 2.5 hours.

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Visitor's Center

Heading to...

...dock at...

...Lake Aeroflex

Fish in the lake


White along western bank

Lake Aeroflex


Canada Geese

Blow-down in lake

White parallels the bank


House across lake

White crosses...


...powerline cut

Lake at powerline cut

Solar panels

Engulfed in green

Woods north of cut

Butterfly milkweed




...through dense...




Blazes of Bw trail

Male Indigo Bunting

Female Indigo Bunting

Meadow behind...

...Vistor's Center


...Japanese Beetles


White trail near park entrance


White skirts...

...another field

[Photo by Laura]

One of several birdhouses

Laura on White


Berry picking

End of White

Butterfly garden

Moth having lunch...

...on a Cone Flower

Moth on Milkweed

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