Noth & South Hills

North & South Hills, Harriman State Park (9/7/2007)

This is the Hike of the Week for 2/23/2007 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website with a couple of variations. First, we did it in the clock-wise direction. Second, instead of taking the Hillburn-Torne-Sebago (orange) from its intersection with the Seven Hills (blue dot) to its intersection with the Raccoon Brook Hills (blue), we took the Seven Hills south, turned left on the Reeves Brook (white) and then left on the Raccoon Brook Hills. Then we continued south on the HTS. This added at least 45 minutes to the hike.
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Stony Brook from Pine Meadow trail

Interesting rock formation

Stony Brook

Pine Meadow trail

Tiny spider


View north from Seven Hills trail


Cairn on Seven Hills trail

View west from Seven Hills trail

Interesting rocks on Seven Hills trail

Photographing a cairn

View west from Seven Hills trail


Pipeline construction in Harriman

View southwest

View northwest


Steep descent on Seven Hills trail

Looking back up

Very steep


Green-Margined Tiger Beetle

Intersection of Raccoon Brook Hills and Hillburn-Torne-Sebago trails

HTS trail

View east

Our lunch spot, Russian Bear

Orange & Rockland Utilities power station

Ramapo Torne from Russian Bear

Closer view of Ramapo Torne

Stretching at Russian Bear

Saplings on HTS trail


HTS trail

Cairn at intersection of HTS and Seven Hills trails

Graffiti at Ramapo Torne

View east from Ramapo Torne

Power station


New York State Thruway

Searching for old graffiti on Ramapo Torne

Low-flying red-tailed hawk

Close-up of power station

Nearby football field


Natural den on HTS trail

Inside the den

Steep descent on HTS trail

Very steep!

Deer on HTS

Blow down

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