Van Nostrand Lake

Van Nostrand Lake, near Norvin Green State Forest (1/24/2010)

Today we were going to do the Torne-Osio Rock loop in Norvin Green State Forest, a hike we have done three times in the past (though the last time was 3.5 years ago). But when I opened NYNJTC North Jersey Trails Map 115 (2009 edition), I noticed a lollipop trail blazed in yellow just west of Osio Rock called the Arcadia Lake trail. But no parking area was denoted anywhere, and Google Earth and Bing Maps weren't any help in locating pull-offs. Undeterred, we headed up there and quickly found a pull-off on the northern side of Weaver Road (west-bound direction) not much more than 0.1 of a mile east of the trail head.

This hike is a little gem! It's a very wild path, not well trodden (most likely because of the lack of parking), with lots of blow-downs that may never be cleared. But it offers some beautiful viewpoints and a lovely lake, Van Nostrand Lake (not Arcadia Lake -- despite this trail being labeled the Arcadia Lake trail there are no views of that lake at all). We took the loop in the clockwise direction, though the blazing seems to encourage the counter-clockwise. Total distance today (including the road walk) was 3.5 miles in just over 2 hours.

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At the trailhead

This guy found parking!

Boundary wall

The NJCF blaze

Frozen cascade

[Photo by Laura]

Go ahead! Open it!


On the ridge

Osio Rock


First view of Van Nostrand Lake

Stone seats


Ascending near the lake

Van Nostrand Lake

Now descending

The lake

Glacial erratic



Under is easier

Ascending again

View west


[Photo by Laura]

Gnarly trunk


Inside an ...

... abandonded VW Beetle

Frozen part of Van Nostrand Lake

Mansion across the lake

At the end of Abbey Lane

A mossy path

Van Nostrand Lake

A downy woodpecker

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