Osio Rock

Osio Rock, Norvin Green State Forest (12/24/2011)

We hadn't hiked to Osio rock from the north for years (though just two weeks ago we hiked to Osio Rock from the south starting at Camp Vacamas). So we had forgotten how absolutely astounding the views were. This has got to be one of the two or three New Jersey hikes with the most rewarding views for such a relatively short trek. In fact, the more I think about it, this is just about the perfect beginning hike for someone who wants to experience the marvels of New Jersey.

Using the wonderful free map on page 2 of this brochure from the NYNJTC (which is also available at the kiosk at the parking area), we parked on Glenwild Avenue where the Hewitt-Butler trail crosses. We crossed the street and began climbing and climbing and climbing. We were soon rewarded with sweeping views, as well as the infamous Stone Living Room, just off the trail where the vistas are denoted on the map. The amazing views continued almost uninterrupted all of the way to Osio Rock, at which point we turned around and headed back. But instead of taking the HB trail all the way back, we took the red Torne trail, forming a sort-of lollipop but with the lollipop in the middle.

Total distance hiked today was a rugged 2.5 miles (with lots of elevation change) in just over 2 hours.

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Glenwild parking area

So many rules!

Climbing on Hewitt-Butler

Pine needle carpet


Mountain laurel thicket

[Photo by Laura]


Nice climb coming

De-layering in preparation

Wanaque Reservoir through trees


Self portrait

View west

Mansion on the hill

Cairn near Stone Living Room (SLR)

View west

Glacial erratic

First glimpse of SLR

Laura in the SLR

Roasting invisible marshmallows

[Photo by Laura]

Communication tower far off

Blue blaze of the HB

Path heading SE

Graffiti hunting

Many ...

... wonderful ...

... views ...

... to the south


Evergreen-covered hill to the south


Green on ridge

Continuing east

View SE


View to Manhattan

Manhattan skyline

Quartz on the ridge

Ridge whaleback

Heading east

Tricky descent here

Danny Crockett [photo by Laura]


Beautiful pine

View to ...

... Wanaque Reservoir

Zoom view

Route 287

View to reservoir

Climbing ...

... and climbing ...

... to Osio Rock

Kampfe Lake below

Wanaque Reservoir

Turkey vulture near Kampfe Lake

Taking a rest

Osio Rock graffiti

Iced puddle

View SE

Empire State Building on horizon

Wider angle

Heading back down

Beautiful mass ...

... of boulders ...

... north of Osio Rock


Where Red and Blue meet

Climbing on Torne trail

A mass of boulders

Leaves underwater

Mountain stream

Interesting tree

Blazes of the Torne trail


Vacant hornet's nest

Lovely green moss

Trail ice


Moss and pine needles

Pine needle carpet

Back to parking area

Crossing Glenwild Avenue

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