PVT: Cedar Ridge-Paulinskill Lake

Paulinskill Valley Trail: Cedar Ridge-Paulinskill Lake (10/24/2015)
Just last month we hiked a 3.5-mile section (twice) from Cedar Ridge south to Spring Valley Road. Today we returned to this enchanting trailhead on Cedar Ridge Road and headed north for another 3.5-mile stretch to about the middle of Paulinskill Lake before turning and heading back (3.5 miles) to the car, where we once again had lunch on the bench in the small parking lot across from a horse barn.

With today's segment we have hiked a continugous 17-mile segment of the Paulinskill Valley Trail (at least twice), from Paulins Kill Viaduct at Station Road (way back in 2009) to Paulinskill Lake today. The fall foliage was pretty today, but many of the leaves up here were already on the ground.

Total distance hiked today was 7 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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