Popolopen Torne

Popolopen Torne, Bear Mountain State Park (5/20/2006)

This is the Hike of the Week for 6/1/2004 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website, but with a starting point at the parking lot at 284 Mine Road.
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Timp-Torne Trail

Climbing Popolopen

Hudson looking south

Anthony's Nose


View west from Popolopen


Continuing to the summit

Hand and foot climbing

At the summit

View west

View northwest

View southwest

Palisades Interstate Parkway

Turkey vulture


Cairn at the summit

Dedication to troops


Rock surface on summit

Hudson looking south


Palisades Interstate Parkway



Bear Mountain Bridge

View south to Bear Mountain

Start of steep descent

View of Bear Mountain




About to cross Popolopen Creek

62-foot footbridge

Popolopen Creek at Hell Hole

NYNJTC effort


Manhole from Bear Mountain Aqueduct

Popolopen Gorge Trail

Roe Pond


Hell Hole Falls

View west from Popolopen Gorge Viaduct

View east from viaduct


Anthony's Nose across Hudson

Kayakers under Popolopen Creek Suspension Footbridge


Brooks Lake

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