PVT: Sid Taylor-Sparta Junction

Paulinskill Valley Trail: Sid Taylor-Sparta Junction (12/6/2015)

After spending nearly two weeks in China, where the only "hike" we can say we did was a 2-hour stretch of the Great Wall, and then having a terrible cold for 10 days after returning home, we missed an entire month of hiking! Still recovering from our maladies we decided not to do anything too difficult today so we decided to cover the very last, northern-most segment of the Paulinskill Valley Trail. And boy were we lucky. WE SAW A BOBCAT! Yes we did! And I managed to get a somewhat grainy, out-of-focus photo. But you can clearly see the little elusive guy, the "holy grail of mammal wildlife sightings in N.J" according to a recent article by John Parke of NJ Audubon.

Today we parked at the large lot at Warbasse Junction and first headed south to cover the segment to Sid Taylor Road (on our last hike we reached this road coming from the south, before turning back). Then we headed back north, crossing Warbasse Junction, and headed north as far as we could (further than Google Maps shows the RR trail). We didn't quite make it to the live RR line (which is the official end) because of severe overgrowth and a downed tree, missing it by about 0.1 of a mile. But since there are no roads on the northern end (only a live RR), I'm sure that without a sickle, no one will be able to hike this very last 0.1-segment.

Total distance hiked today was just over 7.3 miles in just under 3 hours.

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