Round Mountain (Southern Section)

Round Mountain, Southern Section (9/5/2011)

We hiked the northern part of Round Mountain in May of this year and decided to return today (Labor Day in the US) to do the southern part. We parked near the soccer fields in Deer Path Park (on West Woodschurch Road) and following this map did a 3.5-mile, extremely varied hike in under 2.5 hours. In fact, it was so varied that it had buffalo! Dozens of buffalo! No, they weren't on the trail, they were residents of the Readington River Farm, located on 937 Route 523 in Readingtown Township.

Crossing over West Woodschurch Road, we did the figure-8 consisting of the orange and red trails just north of the road. This figure-8 has a very nice brochure which explains 21 points of interest. In addition we headed east along the yellow trail to the Dobozynski Farm Park (not marked on the map, but nestled near the "P" in the bend of Woodschurch Road on the eastern part of the map. It was here (across Woodschurch Road) where we saw the buffalo.

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Canada Geese at Deer Path Park

Doing a pull-up

Horse trail

Southern section trailhead

Open field

Mowed path

Farm implement with bee containers


Honey bees!

Huge pin oak dwarves Laura

Hay bails

A moth called the Hummingbird Clearwing!

Bridge over ...

... Brunswick shale

Horse trail blaze

Bird houses

View south

Neighboring horse paddock

View east through ...

... power line cut

Buffalo spotted in distance!

View west in cut

View south

Busy bumble bee

Typical NJ farm barn

Hurricane Irene damage

Heading east on Yellow

Bridge on Yellow


Mowed lawn to homestead

Dobozynski Farm


Storage shed

Dobozynski Farm Park

Hay bails

Laura on Woodschurch Road

Fence posts heading east

View north

Buffalo up close

A whole herd ...

... of buffalo ...

... in New Jersey!


Electrical fence warning

Morning Glory

Field of flowers

Dobozynski Farmhouse

Osage Orange

Dan & the buffalo [photo by Laura]

Readington Gardens

View south

Back in the forest

Exhibit 15 marker

Beech trees


White Pine grove

Heading south

View north ...

... in the grove

Poison Ivy on a White Ash

Unidentified bird

Neighboring farm house

Tiny toad

Crossing West Woodschurch Road

Back to horse trail

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