Schiff Nature & McVickers Brook Preserves
Four years ago we hiked a bit over 5 miles of blazed trails in this wonderful area very close to where we live. Last year we returned to do the entire Franklin Parker trail. Today we returned to hike a bunch of trails and segments that we hadn't hiked during the last two visits.

Our somewhat complicated track is as follows (the squeamish are advised to look away). Using this map we parked at the visitor's center and took White to the Great Meadow, which we looped counter-clockwise to Red. We took Red to the five-trail intersection near the Woodland Amphitheatre. Here we took Purple trai (unblazed on the map) NE passing Dan Beard Cabin. We then took the unblazed trail SE to Yellow, which we took east. We took the first unblazed trail north to White. We took White west all the way to Red, which we then took south. At Yellow we went west on Yellow until we got to Green. Here we went south, and then picked up another unmarked trail which we took west towards Roxiticus Road. We continued south, then SE along this trail until we came to a Y (not very evident in the woods) and took the left unmarked trail to Red. This we took back to Great Meadow, did the southern arc of the White trail to Blue, which we took SW to White and took that back to the car.

Did you follow that? If so, could you please explain it to me because I couldn't understand a word! :)

Total distance hiked today was 4.9 miles in 3 hours.

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