Washington's Crossing
This is hike #33 ("Washington Crossing to Scudder's Falls") in 50 Hikes in New Jersey (3rd edition). Though we visited parts of the Delaware & Raritan Canal when we hiked Six Mile Run a few years ago and Princeton Battlefield last month, this is the first hike which was almost entirely along the canal.

The hike begins in Washington's Crossing State Park on Continental Lane, the actual path that Washington and his troops took to Trenton after their Delaware crossing (except in the opposite direction). After reaching the Delaware River, we proceeded south for at least 2.5 miles along the tow path of the D & R, ending at Scudder's Falls before turning back. By the way, "falls" is quite an exaggeration. It's more of a small stretch of white water rapids, but it's still fun to sit on the bank for a moment and watch the water flowing vigorously over the rocks.

The hike described is 6 miles but with a side trip on the bridge spanning the Delaware, and a bit of meandering around the grounds of the state park, we hiked a bit over 7 miles.

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Uniforms inside the visitor's center

Old Ben's life mask!

Continental Lane

Washington took this route ...

... after the Delaware crossing

Stone barn


Johnson Ferry House

Outside stone barn

Old growth

Crossing overlook

Site of crossing

Pedestrian bridge over Rt. 29

First view of canal


Washington Crossing bridge

Spillway and tow path

Delaware River


Once a railway bed

Canal reflections

Huge wasp




A snail!

See the trail it left?


Delaware River

[Photo by Laura]

Pennsylvania houses

Flood control structure



Nearing Scudder's Falls

Ducks in canal

Old mile marker

Scudder Falls bridge

Bernard Drive bridge

Scudder Falls bridge from falls

It's more a rapids

Watching the cascades

Looking north

Lovely wild flower


Chin-ups [photo by Laura]

Our picnic spot!


Red Brunswich shale

Dan taking ... [photo by Laura]

... this dragonfly photo

Close-up of Canadian goose

Laura and three new friends

Washington Crossing Bridge

On the bridge [photo by Laura]

Jet ski on Delaware River

Delaware River looking south

Delaware River looking north

The Nelson House

Bridge from the crossing point

Ferry boat reconstruction

View of crossing through Nelson House window

Inside the Nelson House

Web and spider on Continental Lane

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