Shipetaukin Woods

Shipentaukin Woods (6/12/2016)

This is the first of two areas we visited today in Central New Jersey. It's not a big area, and it's clear that beyond the first hundred yards these trails have not been hiked in quite some time. They are overgrown and unmaintained. In fact, we couldn't even get to the northern end of Red, which is apparently marked by an orange flag. I would not recommend these woods unless you are going to walk to it after a hike in Carson Road Woods, the second place we visited today and which I highly recommend.

Using this map, we parked in the small lot at the western end of a gravel path off Carson Road and took the Red trail west, the continued on Red until we couldn't go any further (we did not reach the end) because of lack of blazing and overgrowth. We retraced our steps back to Yellow, an old woods road, which we took back to the car.

Total distance hiked was 1.3 miles in just under an hour.

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