Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary
The last time we hiked in this gorgeous sanctuary was nearly five years ago when we were following a hike in a now-obsolete edition of 50 Hikes in New Jersey. That hike used parts of the Patriot's Path and Brigade Trail to visit the Cross Estates and then had us bushwhacking to get back to the wildlife sanctuary. So even though this sanctuary is relatively small, its majority of trails were still left for us to hike! We returned today to hike just about every trail in the joint, and to do some wildlife viewing to boot.

Using this map we once again parked in the lot (enough for at least a dozen cars) on Hardscrabble Road and headed up, up, up the mountain on the red-blazed Dogwood trail (in a clockwise direction). We then continued on the yellow-blazed River trail to its end, taking the green-blazed Field Loop trail around the perimeter of the field north, then went south visiting the swampy area far south before continuing once again north on the Dogwood trail. We took this all the way to its intersection with green, headed west on green through the gate that keeps out the deer, circled the beautiful visitor's center (closed for Memorial Day), before taking the red spur to the Interpretive trail which we took south back to red, and then back to the car.

We didn't see many birds, but we did see a huge snapping turtle and a handfull of frogs. It was a very enjoyable morning, away from the crowds and parades.

Total distance hiked today was 3 miles in 2.5 hours.

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...and kiosk... trailhead

Begin of the climb

Comingles with Patriot's Path

[Photo by Laura]

Audubon blaze

Continuing ascent





...and up! A dog! But they're not allowed.

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

At the top!

Mine pit?


Spur to Cross Estates

Deer Exclosure

Now on River Trail

Views of...


...Passaic River



Trail maintenance

Very old growth

View downstream

View upstream



Field loop

Laura reading informational sign

Caterpillar reading informational sign

[Photo by Laura] Dan snapping this...

...huge snapping turtle!

Gorgeous ferns


Tree Swallow...

...with open mouth

Frog in swamp


Laura at swamp

Frog close-up

Tree Swallow peeking

Meadow sign


Sanctuary rules

Behind Audubon building

Robin Redbreast

Back on Red

Heading back north

Old fence posts

Deer exclosure gate

Stuffed owls in Education Center

Dry pond

Sidewalk to Education Center

Education Center

Kiosk outside center

On Red spur

Sign on Interpretive trail

Hill in distance

Dandelion on path


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