Signal Rock

Signal Rock, Passaic River Coalition (4/7/2012)

Nearly four years ago we hiked here in the beautiful rugged Tory tract, a parcel of land owned by the Passaic River Coaltion. At that point we parked south of the tract, hiked the Stonetown Circular trail north over the hills all the way to Tory Rocks and a bit further before turning back for an out-and-back. Today, armed with an updated NYNJTC map and a terrific GPS app on my iPhone, we decided to head back and visit Signal Rock, a vista indicated on the map at the end of an ascending unblazed woods road, and something we didn't visit last time.

We did a Figure-8, parking on Burnt Meadow Road, where the Stonetown Circular skirts the road, about as far south as you can get from Route 511 before the road becomes impassable (about 2.7 miles in). We took the SC trail east into the tract, visiting Tory Rocks once again, but then taking the unblazed woods road to Signal Rock, with one of the most spectacular views in this entire area. You'll have to walk past lots of trash left out near the path by residents of Burnt Meadow Road, but the view makes it worthwhile. After Signal Rocks we backtracked to the SC and continued in the SE direction reaching another spectacular vista. After a bit of descending we made a left on a woods road and took woods roads all the way back NW. Without a GPS app this part would have been very tricky because there are many more criss-crossing woods road here than appear on the map. Eventually we crossed the SC trail and continued (on woods roads) to the impassable part of Burnt Meadow Road, which we then took west to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 4.6 miles, with lots of ups and downs, in 3.5 hours.

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Stonetown Circular

Distinctive blaze

Time to de-layer

Spring is here!

[Photo by Laura]



[Photo by Laura]

View from ...

... Tory Rocks


And descending

[Photo by Laura]

Very rocky


Demolished car


Monster tire graveyard

What is it?

Path to Signal Rock


At Signal Rock

Quarry east

Zoom to quarry

House on mountain

Views ...

... east ...

... from ...

... Signal Rock

Beautiful colors

Spring blooms


Windbeam Mountain


Windbeam Mountain

View NE

Fire ring

Beautiful red!

View NE




A dead Die Hard

[Photo by Laura]

Huge boulder jumble

Climbing it


Continuing on ...

... Stonetown Circular

View east


Windbeam Mountain

Zoom to houses

Tree house

View through tree house

House among blooms

Spring is here!

Windbeam Mountain

House on the hill

Steep descent

[Photo by Laura]

Skunk cabbage

Rocky woods road


Woods road

Abandoned VW Bug

View inside

My new Oboz Firebrand II's

Trash on Burnt Meadow Road

Beauty yards away

Impassable part of ...

... Burnt Meadow Road

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