Sleeping Beauty Mountain
This was the last of four wonderful hikes we did during a five-day stay in Lake George in the Adirondacks of New York State. We stayed at the Lake George Bed & Breakfast, a lovely B&B just a block north of the lake. Hostess Marilyn (the sweetest hostess ever) made scrumptious breakfasts for her guests every day. It was terrific.

Today we climbed Sleeping Beauty Mountain, which (like Buck Mountain) overlooks Lake George from the east. But it's a bit further east, closer to Vermont, so the views are a bit different, though equally spectacular. This is Hike #19 ("Sleeping Beauty Mountain") in the book Five-Star Trails in the Adirondacks (1st edition), but with two substantial adds-on. The hike described in that book begins at a dirt parking area named Dacy Clearing. The way to get to this clearing is by following a narrow dirt road from the Hogtown Parking area (on Shelving Rock Road). Well, that road was closed today, which meant in order for us to even get to the trailhead of the hike, we had to walk 1.6 miles. This added 3.2 miles to the hike, making this one of the longest hikes we've done recently. We also turned the described out-and-back into a lollipop by returning down the mountain north towards Bumps Pond, adding additional mileage.

One of the highlights for us (beyond the amazing views at the top) was the hundreds of dragonflies we encountered at Bumps Pond. At one point Laura had a total of at least six sitting on her arms, legs and hat!

Total distance travelled today was 8.2 miles in about 5 hours.

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Closed road to Dacy Clearing

So we walked the 3.2 miles

What the?

Ruins near Dacy Clearing

In Dacy Clearing 1.6 miles later

The bullet-ridden trailhead

station

Someone at the peak, through the leaves


Bridge crossing

Awesome mushrooms

Our climb awaits

On a switchback [photo by Laura]

Beautiful little toad

A very rooty trail

Handsome frog

Almost there

View from the peak

[Photo by Laura]

View east to Vermont

Lower lookout from upper lookout

Laura and view to Vermont

Lake George in distance

Laura on the peak

Beautiful wildflower

Settling down ...

... for lunch

An awesome ...

... lunch spot!

Wildflowers with Lake George in background

Dan taking pic [Photo by Laura]

View west

View north

View up

[Photo by Laura]

Lake George

Ultra-zoom of Sagamore Hotel and the Mohican

View east to Vermont

A dying forest

Overgrown trail in spots

Garter snake eating a frog!

Swampy area

At Bumps Pond [photo by Laura]

Bumps Pond from bridge

Frog below bridge

View to the pond

Bumps Pond

Dragonfly on Laura's arm

Beetle & dragonfly

Look at all the dragonflies

Two on Laura's hat

One on my knee

Unusual colors on this one


Lovely Bumps Pond ...

... through the trees

Gorgeous purple iris at pond

More dragonflies

Bumps Pond

Rocky downhill path

Huge rock formation

Back at Dacy clearing

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