Steeny Kill Lake

Steeny Kill Lake, High Point State Park (10/15/2011)

This is the Hike of the Week for 7/16/2009 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference site.

The Fall Foliage Network report for October 12 showed "high" color in just one tiny part of New Jersey ... High Point (the rest is shown as "moderate"). The last time we hiked the Monument Trail at High Point was way back in 2004, when the monument was still closed (since 1997) for major repairs. It opened the following year. For these reasons, and because I found a relatively new NJNYTC hike which begins at the boat launch at Steeny Kill Lake, we headed back again today.

We were not disappointed. The foliage seems to have exploded overnight. The ridge of the mountain was filled with red, orange and yellow. Unfortunately there was also quite a bit of leaf drop (I guess this is to be expected at the top of windy mountain ridges). And since the monument was open, we paid our $1 each and climbed the 291 steps to the very top. It gets very humid and wet inside the monument, so the metal steps and handrails were a bit slippery. And, alas, the windows at the top were foggy and speckled with water (on the outside) which obstructed the views a bit. But it was fun to do it just to say we did it, I guess.

Total distance hiked today was 5.3 miles (including the climb up the monument) in 3.5 hours.

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Steeny Kill Lake boat launch


Steeny Kill Lake

Foliage against the monument

High Point monument

Along northern bank of lake

Rowers in lake


Lake run-off

Lots of leaf drop

Lots of color

Bright yellows!

Monument trail

CCC Steps on Monument trail

Old trail marker

Interpretive Center

Lake Marcia

View from northern tip

Climbing from lake

Lots of color on ...

... Monument trail

Gradual ascent to ...

... the Monument


Highest point in NJ


Spiral stairway inside

Second tier of staircases

View on way up

At the very top

View south

Lake Marcia below

View down

View from base

25 cents per view

0 cents per view

Lake Marcia

Port Jervis

NJ state flag

View north

[Photo by Laura]

View south

Old Monument trail marker

View from trail

Monument trail on ridge

View to Port Jervis


Ridge view south

Deer tick!

[Photo by Laura]

Nice colors ...

... to Point Jervis

Foliage is bursting out

View south to NJ

NJ farmlands

Red burst of sumac

NJ farm

Continuing east



Cedar Swamp intersection


Beautiful color ...

... on the ...

... Cedar Swamp trail


Bench near boardwalk

View of swamp boardwalk looking north

Lots of swamp color

View south

Look at that color!

Climbing again

Another viewpoint ...

... to ...

... Port Jervis


Fiery blueberry bushes

Trail heading west on ridge

View east

200 cartridges!

Boardwalk near Steeny Kill trail

Color on Steeny Kill trail

Steeny Kill Lake


[Photo by Laura]

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