Stonetown Circular

Stonetown Circular (3/10/2007)

This is the Hike of the Week for 1/12/2007 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.
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Picture 1
Horse Pond Mountain Trail head at Lake Riconda

Woodpecker Hotel

Interesting scratches on all the rocks

Monksville Reservoir from Horse Pond Mountain

Looking north to Monksville Reservoir

Fresh cuts for power lines

View south from Horse Pond Mountain

Closeup of barn


View southeast

Reservoir through tower


Slippery descent


Monksville Reservoir from Stonetown Circular & Highlands Trail


Bones tied with ribbon!

Icy Monksville Reservoir

Stonetown Circular & Highlands Trail

More fresh cuts

Malasana at a stream

Old refuse

Sole of tiny lady's shoe

Beeches still have leaves

Monksville Dam

Southern bank of Monksville Reservoir

Mussel shells on bank

Icy Monksville Reservoir


More ice


Interesting cracks in sand

Stone wall


View of Monksville Reservoir and Dam

Monksville Dam

Winter lichen

Newfound friend


Beautiful bark

Gaudi-like bark

Close-up of Gaudi-like bark

70s graffiti

Frozen stream

Blaze of the new Connector trail

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