Sunfish Pond

Sunfish Pond, Worthington State Forest (11/25/2007)
This 4.5-mile circuit hike begins at the Douglas Trail parking lot on Old Mine Road. Take the blue-blazed Douglas Trail south up the mountain to its end, where it meets the AT. Make a left on the AT and pass an extensive backpacker site on the left. Continue along the AT hiking the northern shore of Sunfish Pond. We took lunch overlooking the pond at its eastern tip via a short jaunt on the Turquouise trail. Continue heading east on the AT, making a left on the orange-blazed Garvey Springs trail all downhill back to the parking lot.
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Sunfish Pond runoff

On the Douglas trail


Looking north on Douglas trail

What's left of the fall foliage

Hurry up! (photo by Laura)


More run-off from Sunfish Pond


Bear protection at backpacker site

More bear protection


Yes that's me (photo by Laura)

No pencil at the AT sign-in

View south from the AT


Ice on western tip of Sunfish Pond


Jump! (photo by Laura)



Bizarre cairn farm

Bizarre hiker at cairns (photo by Laura)


Our lunch spot on Turquoise trail

Skinny saplings along Garvey Springs trail

Most leaves are on the ground


About to change cam's batteries (photo by Laura)

Carving near Garvey Springs trailhead (photo by Laura)

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