Lake Surprise

Lake Surprise, Watchung Reservation (1/2/2010)

This is Hike #11 ("Watchung Reservation and Blue Brook") in the book Best Easy Day Hike: Northeast New Jersey. The previous day temperatures were in the 40s. Today they were in the low 20s. Hikers the previous day turned the path into a slushy mess. Overnight the trails turned into ice. Armed with our Kahtoolah Microspikes, however, we were invincible, walking on top of the ice the entire way, without a single slip. After years of using Yaktrax, breaking three pairs (one after just one use), and getting bruises on my fingers trying to put them on, I can safely say that Kahtoolahs are a thousand times better. Get them if you like winter hiking. We've had ours since last winter and they're holding up perfectly.

Total distance hiked today was 4.2 miles (though the book lists it at 4.7) in about 2.5 hours.

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The Nature trail head

Path is frozen slush

The few remaining leaves

Blaze pollution

On the Sierra trail

Old growth above Coopermine Ravine

Coopermine Ravine



Above Blue Brook

Crossing Blue Brook


Blue Brook [photo by Laura]

Animal tracks up fallen tree

Logs at brook

Feltville houses above

Bridge over Blue Brook

Feltville houses on hill

Blue Brook

Unblazed trail parallels brook

Where to next?

Uphill along another unmarked path

A very green Hermit's Pond

Another view

Back on Sierra trail

Dan & pines [photo by Laura]

In Feltville

Some are current residences


Mushrooms on tree


Short road walk in Feltville


Feltville store/church

Side view

Path to cemetery

Willcocks & Badgley Cemetery

Stone of John Willcocks

Laura photographing ...

... this [photo by Laura]

Bright berries

Old growth

Laura's Kahtoolahs

Dam waterfall at Lake Surprise

Closer view

Lake Surprise from dam


Boulder on bank

Lake Surprise

Sierra trail along bank

That's old!

Animal tracks across lake!

View from Tracy Drive

Miniature snow people


Bridal path on northern bank

Waterfall from other side

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