Sussex Branch: Northern End

Sussex Branch, Northern End (12/25/2015)

After nearly completing the entire Paulinskill Valley Trail earlier this month, we decided to start walking segments of another rail trail that we haven't really hiked much over the years. Aside from a hike back in 2009 and another earlier this year, we haven't walked much of the Sussex Branch trail. So we headed there today.

We parked at the lot on Augusta Hill Road, first heading north all the way to the northern end of the rail trail at Mill Street in Branchville. We turned around, re-hiked this 1.4-mile segment and then continued south of the parking area to Decker Road. The majority of this segment parallels Route 15, but far enough so that the sound of the traffic doesn't deter from the enjoyment. The Chatterbox restaurant, a really cool eatery, is visible from the trail on this segment. After reaching Decker Road, and seeing that parking for at least six cars was available here, we decided to come back in two days to continue farther south.

Total distance hiked today was 7 miles in a bit under 3 hours.

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