Great Swamp
We have hiked the majority of the Great Swamp over the past several years, mainly because it's so close to where we live (anywhere from 12-20 minutes depending on the trailhead). And it always affords a terrific opportunity to experience some very different terrain, amazingly within 25 miles of Time Square (as the crow flies). Today we were limited on time, so we headed to a new trail head, the dead-end of Meyersville Road in Green Village, New Jersey. We never started from this point before, even though this is the closest trail head to where we live. So we managed to log some trails that we haven't done before.

Using this map we first followed the orange trail south, turning left on green and then left on the beige spur taking that to its end before retracing out steps back to the green. Making a left onto the green we continued until it ended on the orange. There we continued south on the orange taking the silver spur (on the left) to its end before retracing the silver back to the orange, which we then took all the way back to the car. It was a nice, albeit extremely wet and muddy, hike of about 3.4 miles in nearly 2.5 hours.

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