Tamarack Park

Tamarack Park, Byram Township (6/19/2016)

Today, after about 10 weeks of hiking smaller preserves in Middlesex County, we decided to head to a Sussex County Park and hike two trails in Byram Township: part of the Tamarack Park Trail and the Cranberry Lake Overlook trail.

Using this map, we parked in the parking lot for Johnson Park (NE corner of the map), and crossed Roseville Road to begin our trek along the Tamarack Trail, heading west. At the point where the trail "forks", we went south to the southern tip of Johnson Lake, including the small isthmus north of the boat launch before crossing Tamarack Road and heading south along the Cranberry Overlook Trail, the yellow dashed trail on the map. We did the entire lollipop trail, enjoying the wonderful views SW to Cranberry Lake before returning back to Johnson Lake. We then proceeded a bit further west along the Tamarack Park trail before retracing our steps all the way back to the car.

Total distance hiked was 4.4 miles in 2.5 hours.

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