Tamarack Hollow Preserve
This was the third of three small areas we visited this morning in Central New Jersey, all within a six minute of each other.

Using this map, we parked in the lot at the end of Albrecht Lane (a very small walk from the trailhead and kiosk) and took the white-blazed Tamarack Trail all the way to the Fresh Ponds Spur. We hiked the spur to Fresh Ponds Road, then retraced our steps to White, continuing all the way to the powerline cut (not specified on the map). We then backtracked to Orange, doing the northern half of the loop, reaching White once again and taking that back to the car. The presence of beach sand on some parts of the trails reminds us that we're not very far from the ocean when we're down in Middlesex County.

Total distance hiked was 2.2 miles in one hour.

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