Tenafly Nature Center & Lost Brook Preserve
This is the Hike of the Week for 4/8/2005 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website, with the addition of a jaunt (at the end of the hike) on the Main Path to get a view of the historic Lambier House. In addition to the lovely trails, there is a nature center that houses some turtles and other small animals, and in the back of the center are cages where two injured red-tailed hawks and an injured owl live. The staff inside told us that the preserve had several coyotes and we saw some coyote scat at one point. We also saw at least a dozen deer.

Total distance covered was about 4.6 miles in 2.5 hours.

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The Nature Center

The injured raptors


Red-tailed hawks

Hummingbird feeders

Red trail


Purple trail


Curious deer

Interesting striations

Rock den

Bent tree at Haring Rock trailhead

Tree with four legs

Beech color ...

... on the Haring Rock trail

Haring's Rock ...

... is a huge glacial errata

Haring's Rock

[photo by Laura]

Sweet Gum balls

Allison trail


Near Route 9W

Route 9W

Entrance to Greenbrook Preserve across

Laura found a friend

On Hudson Avenue

Old homestead wall

Little Chism trail

More deer

Walls on Bischoff trail

White trail boardwalk

Shelter overlooking ...

... Pfister's Pond

Inside shelter

Bird blind

End of White trail

Path up Main trail to ...

... Lambier House

Wall and old tree

Pfister's Pond

Pfister's Pond

View west from Main trail

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