The Timp

The Timp, Harriman State Park (10/10/2009)

This is the Timp Loop as described on the LocalHikes site. It's actually a lollipop, not a loop, since a good part of the hike (from the trail head of the 1777 Trail to its intersection with the Timp-Torne Trail) is traversed twice. The hike description also includes a visit to the Herbert Mine, but the significant leaf drop made it impossible for us to find the unmarked trail to the mine. Though we have hiked in Harriman dozens of times over the years, this is the first time we actually got to the amazing viewpoint on the Timp, no doubt one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the entire park. This hike has lots of climbing, so it took us about 4 hours to do just over 6 miles.
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Informative sign at 1777 trailhead

Tanker on the Hudson

A wet and leafy trail

Bridge on the 1777 trail


The trail climbs and climbs

Winding path


Huge boulders on the trail


Autumn colors

Pitch pines

View from the first look-out


Closer view

Laura goofing

Fungus [photo by Laura]


View of the Hudson from the Timp

Timp view south

Mansion in the hills

The Hudson

View south


To an even better view

West Mountain in the rear

Great view over Harriman

West Mountain shelter from the Timp

Perkins Memorial Tower on Bear Mountain

Wind was kicking up


View towards Hudson

Dan on the Timp [photo by Laura]

West Mountain

West Mountain

View south

View north to Bear Mt Bridge

Bear Mountain bridge & the Hudson

Closer view of bridge

View north

Beginning to descend

Steep in parts


Man-made steps help

Can you find Laura?

Interesting rock formation

Graffiti [photo by Laura]

Huge rock on Timp Pass Road

Lots of leaf drop

Heading north on Timp Pass Road

Huge boulders



An eft

Back on the 1777 trail


Giant tree fungus

Sun is popping out

Sunny fall colors

An autumny 1777 Trail

Tree mushrooms

Taking the previous photo [photo by Laura]

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