Veteran's Park

Veteran's Park, Roxbury, NJ (1/1/2014)

Today we hiked every trail in the relatively small Veteran's Park in Roxbury, New Jersey. It's in the general vicinity of two other places we hiked in the last couple of weeks (Hedden Park and Dickerson Mine Preserve).

We parked in the lot on Conkling Road and headed south along blue which is basically an unpaved woods road connecting two antenna complexes. Reaching the southern end of Blue we walked through another parking area and then walked SW along Patricia Drive for about 0.3 miles. There was no traffic at all probably due to the fact that the road seems to serve as entrance to the southern antenna complex and nothing more. Eventually we took the 1.2-mile green loop which travels the ridge of a mountain with partial views to the houses below in Roxbury. Back on Patricia we headed back NE for less than 0.2 to pick up Yellow which we took all the way back to Blue, which we then took back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was just over 4 miles in 2 hours.

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