West Essex Trail

West Essex Trail, South (6/25/2017)

We planned on hiking the entire West Essex Trail this morning, a trail of about 3 miles from end to end, so a 6-mile hike as an out-and-back. But we found so many side trails that we ended up doing 7 miles while doing only about half of it. Although the official map for the trail covers just the part within Essex County, the trail continues much further north, ending north of CR 612. You might have to register at TrailLink to see this map which displays the entire extent of the trail.

We parked in the large parking lot at the tennis courts at Verona High School, walking just a bit north on Fairview Avenue, getting onto the trail there and taking it north to where the Lenape trail heads east (just north of where the West Essex Trail crosses Bowden Road). Because we had done so many other side trails before this, we decided to turn around and retrace our steps, finding even more side trails on the way back. You can see our track here. Total distance hiked today was 7 miles in 3.5 hours.

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