Patriot's Path: Willowwood to Longview

Patriot's Path: Willowwood to Longview (1/1/2015)

For the first hike of 2015, we decided to hike a segment of the Patriot's Path that we never hiked before. Wow it was cold this morning, with temperatues just above 20 F. Luckily it wasn't windy, so it didn't feel much colder. As expected, we didn't see another soul out on the trails today.

Using this map we parked at Willowwood Arboretum, which has some very nice buildings (and the restrooms were actually open on New Year's Day). We visited this place when things were blooming way back in 2005, ten years ago! Time flies. We really should return in the spring. Our hike today started with the Red trail to the Blue trail (which is both the Patriot's Path and the Bamboo Brook Trail here). This we took all the way west, then north, to Longview Road, taking two spurs to visit the viewpoints denoted on the map. There's a section of the trail which is completely impassable (I tried, as Laura watched amused). It's the section of the PP on the map just east of Pottersville Road (between the road and the "500" foot mark). That entire blue nub sticking out to the west (towards the road) is inaccessible. However, we were able to take the indicated woods roads to bypass that section and pick up the blue PP beyond that nub, which we then took all the way to Longview Road, passing some interesting pumpkin fields on the way. We did the perimeter of one field and then headed back. But instead of following the PP all the way back, when we reached the area south of Bamboo Brook Nature Center we took the west and south-most paths, crossing the Bamoo Brook south from where the PP crosses it. The bridge over this is closed because it's a bit dilapidated, but you can easily cross the brook with a few well plan jumps. We then retraced some of the PP and then took mowed paths in Willowwood back to the car.

Total distance today was 4.5 miles in about 2.5 hours.

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