Windbeam Mountain

Windbeam Mountain, Highlands Trail (7/7/2007)

This 5-mile out-and-back hike is the second half of hike #25 ("Windbeam Mountain Through Hike") from the book Hiking the Jersey Highlands (1st edition). The hike described in that book requires two cars. With one car, the hike can be broken into two halves. Doing so requires doing the given half twice (out and back). In addition to hiking the half from Mary Roth Drive to Windbeam Lane (and back), we climbed the summit of Little Windbeam before returning to the car.
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Skunk cabbage on Stonetown Circular (SC) trail

Steep ascenton of Windbeam on SC trail

One-eyed toad on ascent

View west over Van Order quarry and Stonetown Recreation area

View of SW finger of Wanaque Reservoir



Continuing ascent of Windbeam

View east of Wanaque Reservoir

View northeast

View east from Windbeam summit

View southeast


View west from Windbeam summit


Van Order quarry and Stonetown Recreation area

Van Order quarry


View northwest from Windbeam summit

Houses west

Downy woodpeckers abound

Remains of old tower on Windbeam

Grassy stretch of Highlands trail


Gaudi-like tree

A break in the shade on a cool rock

Monarch butterfly?

Quartz streak on Windbeam ridge

Lamb's Ear

Close-up of Lamb's Ear


Our lunch spot!

Overlooking the Wanaque Reservoir




Highlands trail on Little Windbeam

Picking raspberries

View east from Little Windbeam summit

Laura the explorer

The tree hugger

Snail shell

Interesting tree


Dan trying to look unposed

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