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Windbeam Mountain, Highlands Trail (10/26/2013)

We first climbed Windbeam Mountain back in 2007. Remembering the spectacular views from that day, and the amazing fall foilage we encountered last week in this general area, we decided to return to see how the leaves were looking today. And we weren't disappointed!

As we did in 2007, we parked in the parking lot of the recreation complex off Stonetown Road, crossed the street and headed into the forest on the red-blazed Stonetown Circular trail. After a relatively level stretch that paralleled the road, we climbed and climbed and climbed on switch-backs first reaching the peak of Little Windbeam with it's pretty views east. We then continued north until we reached the multitude of views on Windbeam Mountain. For a stretch there are nearly constant views, first east, then west. We made sure to scramble about to get a glimpse of every possible angle. There's a flag up on Windbeam Mountain now (it wasn't there in 2007), as well as a log book that one can read and scribble in. After enjoying the many views we returned back to our car.

Total distance hiked today was about 3.5 miles in exactly 3 hours.

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