Wildlife Observation Center, Great Swamp

Wildlife Observation Center, Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (12/19/2009)

We hiked close to this area two weeks ago, and returned again today hours before a major snowstorm blanketed the east coast. This is a section of the Great Swamp which is almost completely accessible by wheel chair. There are nearly two miles worth of sturdy boardwalks and other packed surfaces that allow someone disabled to get about a half mile into the swamp very easily.

We did every trail in this area this morning (you can see them all on page two of this map). With backtracking (there were a few spurs) we covered almost 2 miles in just over an hour.

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At the large parking area

Left path to Garden Club Blind

Frozen swamp

Boardwalk seats!

A sweet gum ball

[Photo by Laura]


Heading to the first blind

The Garden Club Blind

A fallen nest inside

Plaque inside

Heading back

Storage shed, restrooms near parking lot

Blue bird sign & feeder

Boardwalk to Sportsmen Blind

Blind at the end

Wood duck sign

From inside Sportsmen Blind

View from Sportsmen Blind

Behind the blind

Laura enjoying the view

Swamp on way to Friends Blind

Trail still wheelchair accessible



The last part isn't wheelchair accessible

Shagbark hickory

The Friends Blind

Canadian Geese from blind

Dozens of them!


Huge mushrooms

Geese in flight

Back to at the lot

Information center was closed

Wildlife sighting log

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