Washington Valley Park, Yellow

Buttermilk Falls, Washington Valley Park (8/31/2013)

Earlier this month we hiked the western part of this park. Today we returned to hike a good part of the Yellow trails in the eastern part, visiting the Hawk Watch (which was really just a quarry watch this morning) at the beginning, and Buttermilk Falls near the end.

We parked in the medium-sized lot at the western end of Miller Lane and took the paved Yellow to the Hawk Watch and meandered in nearly every direction covering the majority of Yellow trails using this map. Our track can be seen here.

Total distance hiked today was about 4.5 miles in just under 3 hours.

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Heading west to ...

... the Hawk Watch ...

... which overlooks ...

... an active quarry operation

View of ...

... Chimney Rock

Zoom to quarry

Zoom to Chimney Rock


Solar panels

Super zoom

Chimney Rock

[Photo by Laura]

Climbing on Yellow

Hitching a ride

Curious deer

Yellow ...

... climbs ...

... the mountain


Tree rings


Mine tailings line trail

Sandy damage?

Remains from mine operation?


Another curious deer

Crossing Miller Lane

Poison ivy "boa"

Area of pines

Resting place?

Path narrows

Turtleback-type rock

Partial view from Yellow

Mine tailings

This deer let us ...

... get very close

Road to ...

... Eagle's Nest Museum

George Washington ...

... camped here


Trail parallels cascade

Small pool at bottom

Middle Brook

Middle Brook

Gilbride Road bridge

Tranquil spot

Heading north a bit on "White"

Construction on ...

... Gilbride Road

South on Yellow ...

... along Middle Brook

[Photo by Laura]


Heading south

Stone crossing

Dam at ...

... Buttermilk Falls


Through the trees

View from front

Another view of quarry

Yellow path back

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