Six Mile Run, East

Six Mile Run, East (2/16/2013)

Last month we hiked a beautiful lollipop in the western part of this park starting at Jaques Lane and venturing as far east as the "concrete bridge" labeled on the JORBA map for this park. Today we hiked a good part of the eastern part beginning at the soccer field on Route 27.

It was our intent to hike another lollipop incorporating the entire length of the Red trail east of the concrete bridge, all of the Orange trail, and what is marked as a black trail on the map. According to the map the Orange trail between the powerline and pipeline cuts is one of the twistiest trails designed even by JORBA and their trails (tailored for mountain biking) tend to be twisty to begin with. We began by heading west on Red, then continued on Black (which is not blazed). We intended to next take Orange from its eastern end to its western end, but we couldn't find Orange until we got to the pipeline cut. We continued walking along a nice lane between evergreens instead. It's probably best that we found Orange further west because even the relatively short portion we hiked was twisty enough, and the map indicates it is much less twisty than the eastern part of Orange! At the end of Orange we headed north along Red to the concrete bridge which seems to have been broken and partially washed away (last month we could have easily walked across the entire thing, but not today). At this point we turned around and took Red all the way back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 4.5 miles in just under 3 hours.

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Information-less kiosk

On Red

Six Mile Run ...

... below Red

Still icy in parts

Crossing over a finger of the run

On unmarked "Black"


Path is a straight lane ...

... between evergreens

Powerline cut looking north

Looking south

In the cut

Water drop

Deer prints

Juniper berries

Pipeline cut

Now on Orange

Twisting ...

... through cedars



Look at those knots!


Colorful root

Above Six Mile Run

Now on Red

Bridge over Six Mile Run

[Photo by Laura]

Six Mile Run

Barbed wire post


Mix of critter prints

Trekking pole-eating mushrooms



Tiny bridge ...

... near a cornfield


Winter cornfield

Sandy blow-downs cleared?

Ruins of something or other

Concrete bridge partially gone

Part of it broke off?

Canada goose


Interesting ring pattern

On Red

More blow-downs cleared


Bullet holes below Safety Zone sign

Six Mile Run crossing

Red & Orange intersection

Six Mile Run below

Barbed wire abounds here

Gorgeous mushrooms

Beech color


Red blaze

More mushrooms

Interesting shoot

Admiring nature

Pipeline cut

View north

View south

Flimsy makeshift bridge

Sun is peaking out

The Run

Tiny bud

Log balancing ...

... in wettest, muddiest spot

Powerline cut

Bike launch ramp?

Beech color


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