Thompson Park Conversation Area
Two years ago we hiked Thompson Park, the trail network north of Schoolhouse Road in Monroe Township. Since then more trails have been blazed south of that road, so today we returned to hike that area, known as Thompson Park Conservation Area. The leaves were still turning color in this area of Central New Jersey. It was fabulous.

Using this map, we parked in the west-most area on Prospect Plains Road (west of the four soccer fields) and entered the woods on White. We continued east, picking up the Red trail, heading south along another soccer field, crossing Hoffman Station Road and then continuing in a counter-clockwise direction. When we reached the Blue trail we took that noth all the way to the road where we visted with two friendly horses. We retraced Blue back to Red and finished the Red loop, crossed the road once again, retraced the edge of the soccer field before finally reaching White (once again). We continued on White in a counter-clockwise direction before arriving back at the car.

Total distance hiked was 5.3 miles in about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

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